有關我們|About us


二十年來,健絡通一直堅持扎根香港,除馳名中外的創業產品”健絡通活絡油”外,更陸續推出”健絡通藥貼 草本”、”壹點寧 清涼”以及多款按摩棒等不同的外用鎮痛產品,讓每個香港人都可以輕鬆自我管理疲勞,享受真正”無疲勞、無疼痛”的健康生活。
For 20 years, Herbalgy has been firmly in Hong Kong. In addition to the well-known domestic and foreign entrepreneurial product “Herbalgy Medicial Balm”, it has successively launched “Herbalgy Easy Analgesic Plasters”, “Herbalgy Touch Cool” and various massage sticks With different topical analgesic products, everyone in Hong Kong can easily manage fatigue by themselves and enjoy a truly healthy life without fatigue and pain.

交易貨幣|Transaction currencies

本機構只有 港元 接受作為交易貨幣。

Only the H.K. dollar is accepted as transaction currencies.

關於支付安全|About Payment Security

自2000年以來,PayDollar是一家向銀行和網上商家提供領先、安全和可靠的國際支付服務提供商。 客戶的付款資料通過授權256位元擴展驗證證書 (Extended Validation Certificates) SSL加密處理,安全地傳輸到收單銀行、卡和支付公司進行實時交易。 PayDollar支援CVV / CVC檢查以及Visa和MasterCard的3D安全認證,即:Verified By VISA、MasterCard SecureCode,為客戶和商家提供更高的安全保護。

PayDollar is a leading, secure and reliable international payment service provider to banks and online merchants since 2000. Customers’ payment details are securely transmitted to the acquiring bank, card and payment companies for real-time transaction authorisation using 256-bit Extended Validation Certificates (EV) SSL transaction encryption. PayDollar supports CVV/CVC check as well as 3-D secure authentication of Visa and MasterCard namely: Verified By VISA, MasterCard SecureCode for added security protection for both customers and merchant.

運送說明|Shipping instructions:


客戶服務部Email: herbalgycs@gmail.com 或 Facebook InBox Herbalgy

【外國訂單】:透過空運,平郵或是掛號送達。大約以寄出後7-14日 及 3個月 (海外) 等…
【香港訂單】:免運費,並透過「順豐快遞SF」或是「郵政HongKongPost」送達。大約以寄出後3-7日 及 3個月 等…

If the product is unsatisfactory/defective/error, please contact us within 7 days. (If the customer is dissatisfied with the product/found defects/sent errors, please contact our customer service department within seven days.)
Customer Service Department Email: herbalgycs@gmail.com or Facebook InBox Herbalgy

[Oversea orders]: Will deliver by air, surface mail or registered mail. Approximately divided into 7-14 days and 3 months (overseas) etc…
[Hong Kong orders]: Free shipping, and delivered via “SF Express” or “Postal HongKongPost”. It is roughly divided into 3-7 days and 3 months etc…

《More information》

客戶資料聲明|Consumer data privacy policy

1. 本網站內資料包括文字、圖像、音源、影像及各式內容之版權均屬健絡通藥業有限公司或授權本機構使用素材之公司/機構所有,未經本機構或各授權公司/機構之授權,不得複製、發佈、出版、傳播、下載網站內的任何資料,如有任何違反版權和其他知識產權法例的行為,該人士將為之承擔所有有關法律責任及其相關責任。此外,本機構對於任何因使用本網站的資料、資訊,或因複製或發佈本網站的資訊等行為,而引致的任何損失或損毀或引致的法律訴訟,一概不負上任何責任。

The copyright of the materials on this website, including text, images, audio sources, images and various types of content, belongs to Herbalgy Pharmaceutical Ltd or the company/institution that authorizes the use of materials by this institution, without the permission of this institution or each authorized company/institution Authorization is not allowed to copy, publish, publish, disseminate or download any materials on the website. If there is any violation of copyright and other intellectual property laws, the person will bear all relevant legal responsibilities and related responsibilities. In addition, the agency shall not be liable for any loss or damage or legal proceedings caused by any use of the materials and information of this website, or by copying or publishing the information of this website.

2. 本機構已盡力查証本網站資料的來源,但仍不能確保這些資料必定沒有侵犯別人版權或可能因此引致的其他問題。如任何人士發現這些情況,請立即與本網頁管理員聯絡 herbalgycs@gmail.com,如情況屬實,本機構將盡快刪除所有有關的資料。

The organization has tried its best to verify the source of the materials on this website, but still cannot ensure that these materials must not infringe the copyrights of others or other problems that may be caused. If anyone finds out about these situations, please contact herbalgycs@gmail.com immediately. If the situation is true, the organization will delete all relevant information as soon as possible.

3. 本機構十分重視服務使用者私隱的保護,本機構從網站所收集的資料,包括:記錄使用者瀏覽及使用本網站的服務、電郵查詢內容等資料皆只用作內部分析統計及營運用途,個人重要資料及能即時辨認出個人身份之資料,未得使用者同意絕不向外透露。(香港法律強制使用除外)。

The organization attaches great importance to the protection of the privacy of service users. The information collected by the organization from the website, including: recording the user’s browsing and use of the services of the website, e-mail query content and other data are only used for internal analysis statistics and operation Purpose, important personal data and data that can identify personal identity in real time, will not be disclosed without the user’s consent. (Except for mandatory use in Hong Kong law).


The copyrights of all trademarks, texts, images, audio sources, images and various contents in the web pages of the linked organizations and companies are owned by the linked organizations and companies. Inquiries and contents related to the linked web pages For use, please contact the linked organizations and companies.


All publicity, transactions and other related matters of the linked organizations and company websites are not related to this organization, and this organization will not be responsible for any form of law and other forms of responsibility.


If any linked web organizations and companies do not want to provide links to their web pages, please inform us, we will remove the links as soon as possible within a reasonable time.


The organization reserves the right to delete all information and links on this website at any time without any notice.

個人資料收集聲明 (Consumer data privacy policy)

1我們為何收集及使用 閣下的個人資料?
Why do we collect and use your personal data?

促進閣下與我們之溝通。在得到閣下的同意下,向閣下提供有關「健絡通藥業有限公司」的推廣活動、宣傳資訊、其商戶資訊、及 閣下可能有興趣接收關於「健絡通藥業有限公司」鄰近社區及康樂活動之訊息。向閣下提供由在「健絡通藥業有限公司」舉辦之慈善活動資訊。為我們内部管理或行政管理用途以維持、檢修及改進我們的服務,包括但不限於就此用途向 閣下發送相關產品及服務之問卷調查。

Promote your communication with us. With your consent, provide you with the promotional activities, publicity information, and merchant information of “Herbalgy Pharmaceutical Ltd”, and you may be interested in receiving information about the neighbouring communities and recreational activities of “Herbalgy Pharmaceutical Ltd” . Provide you with information on charitable events organized by the “Herbalgy Pharmaceutical Ltd”. To maintain, overhaul and improve our services for our internal management or administrative purposes, including but not limited to sending you questionnaires about related products and services for this purpose.

2我們會向誰披露 閣下的個人資料?
whom do we disclose your personal data?

一般情況下,我們不會向任何第三者披露、提供或轉移任何我們所收集的個人資料。為遵守或根據所允許的任何有關法例、規則、法庭命令及/或任何政府機關的合法要求 。除非我們獲得 閣下自願給予的明示同意,否則我們不會向任何其他用途使用或向第三者披露、提供及/或轉移 閣下的個人資料。

In general, we will not disclose, provide or transfer any personal data we collect to any third party. To comply with or in accordance with any relevant laws, rules, court orders and/or legal requirements of any government agency as permitted. Unless we obtain the express consent you give voluntarily, we will not use or disclose, provide and/or transfer your personal data to any other purpose or to a third party.

3 COOKIES (小型文字檔案)

Cookies乃從網站傳送到 閣下的電腦/電子裝置(例如:電腦、智能電話或電腦,視情況而定)瀏覽器的小型文字檔案,並會儲存於該電腦/電子裝置內,以改善 閣下在該網站的瀏覽體驗,及向該網站營運者提供非個人資料/數據分析資料從而讓其提升訪客的瀏覽體驗以及該網站的整體質素。大部份瀏覽器最初設定是接受Cookies。 閣下可以透過更改Cookies設定選擇不接受網頁的Cookies。但若 閣下選擇關閉其電腦/電子裝置接受Cookies的設定, 閣下可能無法使用網頁上的某些功能。

Cookies are small text files that are transmitted from the website to the browser of your computer/electronic device (for example: computer, smart phone or computer, as the case may be) and will be stored in the computer/electronic device to improve your The browsing experience of the website and providing non-personal data/data analysis data to the operator of the website to improve the browsing experience of visitors and the overall quality of the website. Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies. You can choose not to accept cookies on the web by changing the cookie settings. However, if you choose to turn off its computer/electronic device to accept the setting of cookies, you may not be able to use certain functions on the website.

Connect to other websites

當閣下瀏覽網頁時按了列於網頁上的其他公司、機構等的超連結而被轉接到該等不受我們控制或管理的網站,本聲明將不適用於該等網站。該等網站亦有可能獨立地 向 閣下收集或徵求個人及非個人資料。若 閣下瀏覽該等網站, 閣下應該在向該等網站提供個人資料前先參閱其相關的私隱政策。我們將不會為 閣下在該等網站上的任何活動承擔任何法律責任。

When you browse the webpage and follow the hyperlinks of other companies, organizations, etc. listed on the webpage, you are redirected to such websites that are not under our control or management. This statement will not apply to these websites. These websites may also collect or solicit personal and non-personal data from you independently. If you browse these websites, you should refer to their privacy policies before providing personal information to these websites. We will not bear any legal responsibility for your activities on these sites.

Your right to access and correct personal data

閣下有權利查閱及/或要求改正我們持有 閣下的個人資料。若 閣下欲查閱及/或更改其個人資料或要求我們停止使用 閣下的個人資料作直接促銷用途,請以電郵/致函到我們下列地址或致電與我們聯繫,並請在函件上列明「機密:個人資料查閱/更正/查 詢」:

You have the right to access and/or request corrections to your personal data held by us. If you want to check and/or change their personal data or request us to stop using your personal data for direct marketing purposes, please email or write to us at the following address or call us to contact us, and please specify “confidentiality” on the letter : Check/Correct/Query Personal Information”:

聯絡資料|Company contact information:
Email| 電郵::herbalgycs@gmail.com
Address| 地址:香港葵涌葵喜街 26 – 32 號金發工業大廈一期 13 樓C室
Phone|電話:(852)2380 9555 傳真:(852) 2380 0439

Office Working Hour|辦公室時間:
Monday to Friday|星期一至星期五: 09:00 – 1700(Lunch: 12:30 – 13:30)
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays|星期六、日及公眾假期休息